Signs of mature adult relationships

1.       Good communication.
Two people are attached to each other if they are open and can discuss different topics, even the ones that can be touchy. Adults are aware of all the positive and negative emotions they experience and are not afraid to deal with delicate information. Transforming negative into positive is part of growing up process.
2.       Compromise.
I think it’s one of the most important things in any relationship, no matter if you just met or been married for years. Being capable to hear the other side out and find a win-win solution is essential for keeping your love-ship floating for a long time.
3.       Mutual interest.
We live in a very stressful environment, sometimes it’s not easy even to breathe but if you can make time for each other, congratulations, you both are mature individuals who knows how important it is to make room for each other in your very busy life schedule. Isn’t it the only way to get to know your partner better or, in case of long term relationship, to respect your loved one more for the little sacrifice?
4.       Hobbies.
We all are talented in something particular. It’s great if you share hobbies and there isn’t much to talk about if you do. But usually our hobbies are slightly or totally different and the true sign of mature love/relationship is to realize, explore and accept this part of your partner without trying to change it. After all, being away from each other for a few hours will be a good time to appreciate and miss your baby more. And you can always support and admire your loved one for being so unique and talented.
5.       Household/financial questions.
It shouldn’t be intimidating to discuss the things you want to spend money for: events, vacation, clothes, cars etc. Adults can always figure out how to spend or invest money and there’s no need to feel obliged or something, you both will agree on things if you read the 2d paragraph about compromise. Also it’s a part of day-to-day routine to do the house chords and it’s a nice activity for both of you to share, just don’t forget to discuss the responsibilities first.
6.       Appreciation and support.
There are good and there are bad days. Imagine how hard it is sometimes. We all had these days when we felt unloved, unwanted and alone. Mature people understand that it’s impossible to stay happy 24/7 so they take it easy on each other, Whenever there’s a bad mood, they stick together being supportive. I think the best way of cheering your loved one is to remind him/her how special they are and they have right to feel down sometimes.
7.       No expectations.

Yes, you read it right NO expectations at all. Mature people don’t expect, they do, ask or make it happen. We don’t live in a world where people can read minds so if you consider yourself an adult, it’s time to be proactive and tell your partner exactly what you want or what you don’t want. But be careful, don’t confuse it with being demanding or pushy, ask delicately and be ready for a no answer. You know it’s not easy to change yourself and it takes time to adjust to some changes so give your loved one time to realize your requirement and free will to do it or not. After all you don’t find the same person as you are and believe me, you don’t need one, just relax and enjoy the difference and your ability to compromise and adjust. It’s a hard work and talent to stay in relationship and you both surely deserve each other. 

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